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LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Demonstration

"See How They Die" in this demonstration of the effectiveness of LIGHTS OUT's quick kill of bed bugs. It also shows the powerful residual kill.

NO MISCHIEF Graffiti Barrier

The real test of a graffiti barrier and remover is how it performs on porous, irregular, textured surfaces.  Watch the performance of NO MISCHIEF Graffiti Barrier on protecting & removing dried paint and marker from travertine tile.



See how dirty deep fryers can be quickly, easily, and effortlessly cleaned with Fryer Puck Boil-Out Tablets.

PIERCE Penetrating Lubricant

See how quickly PIERCE Penetrating Lubricant displaces water, demonstrating its ability to penetrate heavily rusted items as compared to another popular national brand.

TACKLE Rust, Calcium, Lime & Iron Deposit Remover

Watch how TACKLE quickly dissolves a calcium-laden sea shell, illustrating its power on tough deposits. Works on glass, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel, brick, coffeemakers, fabric and carpet.

BIG RED Super Impact Non-Melt Grease

Staying power is important when it comes to super impact grease. See how BIG RED performs in this shock impact demonstration illustrating its extreme resistance to shock impact.  

ARCTIC GEL Heat Dissipating Gel /Flame Retardant Demo

Watch how Arctic Gel blocks the heat transfer on a copper tube, enabling bare-handed holding while using a blow torch. Also, how it prevents acoustical tile from burning.

LIQUEFIRE Anti-Icing Agent Demo

See how LIQUEFIRE goes where no granular ice melt can go! Applied before the storm, it prevents bonding of snow and ice to the surface, making clean-up easier and faster.

STOMP Wasp & Hornet Killer Demo

STOMP Wasp & Hornet Killer easily sprays 20 feet witha stready stream. See how it compares with a competitor brand.

CARBON OFF! Carbon Remover

Watch the effectiveness of Carbon Off! in quickly, effortlessly removing baked on carbon.


LIGHTS OUT Bio-Pesticide is made with ingredients that are EPA 25(b) exempt or G.R.A.S (Generally Regarded As Safe). Kills bed bugs on contact and provides 30-day residual kill.